watch:handHH04833 How long are the lessons?
One-to-one lessons are for one hour each and progress at the student's rate.

Men_women_childrenBit030_3 Are the lessons only for children?
Individual lessons for students who wish to learn English at any age
may be booked and may cover the following, depending on the ability
and needs of each student: Grammar, Phonics, Pronunciation, Reading, Vocabulary, and Writing. The student will be tested on-line during the
first lesson.

boy-writingLF01896A Do you give help with essay writing?
Essay writing can be part of the Writing programme depending on
the student's age and ability. If you have a high school or college essay
you are planning to write and need help in knowing how to set it up,
or if you need help in proof-reading it, this can be arranged.
Tutor Bee will not write an essay for you!

girl-at-computer What about my tutor?
Your tutor is a qualified teacher with many years experience
both in the classroom and as a tutor to students of all ages from
Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Japan, England,
Canada, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Hawaii and Turkey.

SCHOOLMO What may I expect?
You will be able to see and talk with your tutor and be able to use
the whiteboard tools when necessary. Prepared materials and books
developed by Tutor Bee Systems will be used as part of the instruction.

What will I need?
You will only need a computer with a minimum of: windows-logo-vista Windows ME/2000/XP/
apple-logo-300x300 Mac OS X+/Leopard, or Linux Linux installed. Broadband
internet access will best serve your needs.

headphonesJ29002B Headphones are strongly recommended.
The web-conferencing is server based, so you will not have to download anything. Once your booking has been arranged, you will be sent a link to join the tutor at the scheduled time.

clockICONA08 Please click on the link about ten minutes before your first lesson
for an introduction to the workspace. Your teacher will be waiting for you.

Should I have a webcam?
If you want your teacher to see you, then you will need a webcam.
If you prefer, you may download Skype. for Mac or Windows. Calls are free from computer to computer.

TEACHER To see and hear your teacher, you will simply need to click
on the link you are sent via e-mail.

CD-NWAGE543 Are sessions recorded?
Yes, all sessions are recorded for you to review each lesson.

DESKcomp.011 How are lessons booked?
Booking is started by sending an e-mail with the time you set up
with your tutor. Lessons must be booked at least
24 hours in advance and will be confirmed by e-mail.
Please note: Students under 18 need an adult to book
the lesson/s for them.

clock?-HH04171 If the time is already booked by someone else, you may choose
another time with your tutor.

childCOMP073 How can I reschedule a lesson?
If you notify Tutor Bee by e-mail 24 hours before the lesson,
then you may reschedule it for another time.

DESK What if the teacher misses a lesson?
In case the teacher has been delayed or is ill, you will receive an
e-mail requesting that you choose another make-up lesson time.

TA17 What if I'm late for a lesson?
The time that remains will be what you will receive and the time
you missed will be gone forever, so be on time!

PIGGYBAN What price are lessons?
See the "Booking" checkout page for an outline of lesson prices.

GIRLREAD What about homework?
Homework will be e-mailed to the student and the finished work may be
e-mailed back to Tutor Bee as a .pdf file or sent via "snail" mail. The work
will be corrected and returned to the student. Please note that the student
will likely not receive homework until the second lesson.

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Thank you!
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